Voices and instruments help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God!
This ministry seeks to passionately present Biblical truth through every genre of music.
Special worship events are presented throughout the year.

Jonesboro Choir

Our main worship-leading group is the FBJ Jonesboro Choir. We are a ‘family’ of ordinary people, filled and led by the Holy Spirit, who passionately present Biblical truth through every genre of music. We seek to magnify God and celebrate the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Whether a ‘shower singer’ or professional, all adults (age 18+) are invited to sing with us.


The FBJ Orchestra accompanies the Sunday morning worship services and several yearly special events. It is through the weekly rehearsal process that we grow together as a family, pray together, and unite around a central theme of God’s gift of music to us. New players are always welcome and may audition at any Wednesday evening rehearsal. If notified ahead of time, the director, Patrick Ham, will have printed scores and a music stand ready for you! Contact him at [email protected]

Worship Band

The Worship Band accompanies both Sunday AM services. This is a team of members whose participation is on-rotation, and there is always room for an extra player for each position. Those who are interested in joining this team should contact Patrick Ham for a time to meet/audition at [email protected].

Praise Team

The men and women who lead the congregational singing during the Sunday morning services make up the FBJ Praise Team. These dedicated singers serve on a rotational basis and an audition is required.

Student Music

Jonesboro Student Music invites all students grades 6-12 who: Love Jesus, love to sing or play an instrument, want community, and want to make a difference to join us on Sundays @ 4pm!

Contact Emily for more info: [email protected]