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New Classes Start October 12!

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Find Your People

You were created to play, engage, adventure, and explore—with others. In Find Your People, you’ll discover exactly how to dive into the deep end and experience the full wonder of community. Because while the ache of loneliness is real, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Leaders:  Carmen Hough & Denise Bowen
When:   Wednesdays, starting October 12, 9AM – 10:30AM
Where: Room 205

Book required.

The Book of Revelation

“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near” (Rev. 1:3, NIV)
Revelation is a message of fulfilled hope and promises kept, from Jesus Christ for His Bride (the Church).  Join us as we study God’s promises through the book of Revelation.

Leader:  Norm Wood
When:   Wednesdays 11AM – 12PM
Where: ROC Celebration Room

No book purchase required, just bring your bible!

Roundtable Recharge – A Study of 1 John

In our world where so many base their beliefs on emotions, traditions, and selfishness, the Apostle John challenges us all to revisit what we claim we know to be true.  As we walk through 1 John, we will discover that there are ways to know if we are indeed God’s child, while there are beliefs and behaviors that confirm we are not.  Join us for an enlightening journey through 1 John that allows any reader “to know that they have eternal life.”

Leader: Gary Lewis
When:   Wednesdays 4PM – 5PM
Where:  Fellowship Hall C

No book purchase required.

The Christian Life – Essential Conversations for Faith

What is the Christian life really like?  What is expected of me now that I am a Christian?  Join us to discuss topics that will help you know how to pray and hear God’s voice, how to grow in your faith, and how to trust and obey God’s plan for your new life.

Leaders: Andy Cauble & Tee Uzoigwe
When:   Wednesdays 6-7PM
Where:  Room 105

No book purchase required.

Kingdom Man

Join us for this Tony Evans study that challenges men to recognize and claim the standard of greatness that God has set forth in His Word.  You will learn what it means to be a kingdom man who accepts responsibility for his domain of influence, lives by kingdom principles, and devotes his life to advancing God’s kingdom at home, at church, and in the world.

Leaders: Kermit McRae
When:   Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  Fellowship Hall Room B

Book required.

Managing Your Finances God’s Way

Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money? Did you know that nearly half of Jesus’ parables are about possessions? The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined.

Leader: Ted Lawson
When:   Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  Room 109

Workbook required.

Grace-Fueled Womanhood

The Proverbs 31 woman is often set as the standard for being a “good” Christian woman, wife, and mother.  However, this description of a virtuous woman does not have to be a stumbling block or a hindrance, but rather an example of a life fully devoted to God. She is not a destination we are trying to reach; she is an example of a life that fears the Lord and a portrait of grace-fueled womanhood. In this study, you will learn about how the Proverbs 31 woman points out our need for the gospel. In addition, you’ll study other grace-fueled women in the Bible who demonstrate the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Leader: Melissa Howard
When:  Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where: Fellowship Hall C

Book required.

MasterLife: The Disciple’s Cross

An 8-week study session that helps you experience and develop a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Christ through practicing six key biblical disciplines: spending time with the Master, living in the Word, praying in faith, fellowshipping with believers, witnessing to the world, and ministering to others.  Come join us as we follow the Master.

Leader: Michael & Virmil Bridges
When:   Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  Room 112

Book required.

With Christ in the School of Prayer

Do you desire to have power in prayer? In this classic study on prayer, Dutch Reformed Pastor Andrew Murray probes Scripture and the life of Christ in order to teach us how to pray effectively and powerfully.

Leader: Wendell Webb
When:   Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  Fellowship Hall A

No book required.

Through the Bible

Join us for this year-long study to cover the major themes of the books, key verses, central messages, and what God is saying. You will also learn how each book is organized, how it came into being, and its role in God’s story of redemption.

Leader: Hazel Clayton
When:   Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  Room 207

No book required.

A Coming Redeemer

Join us for a study of the Old Testament prophetic books Isaiah – Malachi.

Leader: Dr. Lanny Loe
When:   Starts October 12, Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Where:  205

Book required.